A community of media professionals

Introduction to ATMA

Association of Transformative Media Arts or ATMA for short is a community of media professionals that is dedicated to the cultivation of personal, professional and creative integrity. This organization also support the creation of works that educate and enlighten as well as entertain. There are media communications professionals in many different parts of the world. They use a variety of mediums like print and video. The professionals who are employed in this field use their creative and also technological abilities in developing content and promotion of products or services.

They work with companies having a goal to influence, motivate, and even educate customers. Those who are interested to join in this association should have a bachelor’s degree in mass media studies, communications, and graphic design. It is also possible for a person to be employed in this field as long as he has a bachelor’s degree or major related to this. When it comes to the skills requirement, it is best to know how computers work as well as about the common industry  software.

Having an excellent research, communication and problem-solving skills too allows you to join the association. There are also similar career choices within this field and it includes being an editor, writer and author. The ATMA had an amazing mission.  As for media art, it can be easily understood in its literal sense. All art is considered as media art. This term is also used to indicate a certain group of artworks. It includes many different artworks.